It Starts And Ends With You

It starts and ends with you.

You stepping up to be seen and counted.
You reaching further than most people dare.
You going first ‘coz it’s your natural position.
You facing the fear with a smirk but with care.

You’ve never backed down from a fight worth fighting.
You’ve always stuck up for those weaker than you.
You’ve given a voice to those who felt helpless.
You might have crashed but you still flew.

You’ve been through the mill but you came out stronger.
You’ve suffered but you’ve never been out.
You’re here because you’re worthy of a life of abundance…
…of love and joy
…if you could just clear the doubt.

Because sometimes in the dead of the night
It all feels like a hell of a lot.
You wish there was someone to pick up the pieces
And you wish that you’d let them more often than not.

You wish you didn’t feel so tired
You wish you didn’t feel so lost
You wish it didn’t seem so hard
You wish it didn’t come with cost.

As the alarm goes off you make sure
To put on your brave face to face the day
Because there’s work to do and you’re the woman to do it.
But in your heart you know there’s another way.

Your soul is calling for a life that feels awesome,
abundant, fulfilling, easeful, and free
You’re here in my world ‘coz I’m just like you
But I’m a few steps ahead so you’re a perfect mentee.

We are both women you cannot keep down
We are plucky and brave and we wear a proud crown
To remind us to keep our heads held high.
We are big energy that’ll never die.