Mission and Values

Sometimes you've got to take a stand

I stand for freedom of thought,

freedom of possibility,

freedom to be who you BE.

I stand for Love



I stand for a Patchwork Quilt that celebrates differences

over a Melting Pot of homogenization

My intention is to help create a loving and accepting world that is fit for my ancestors, for seven generations and more.

My vision is to help create lives and businesses that feed the soul with fulfilment, enjoyment, and calm peace of mind.

My mission is to help to create lives and businesses that serve all that come into contact with them and leaves nobody and nothing depleted from the connection. 

The consciousness of the world has changed. 

People are no longer prepared to put up with being treated badly and that has been reflected in the work that they are no longer willing to take on,

the wages they are no longer willing to accept,

and the life that they are willing to leave behind

as they search for something More

that makes them feel whole, valued, and fulfilled.

We have the chance to make the difference the world is looking for.

We get to create the businesses that serve the many instead of the few.

And to do that we get to draw lines in the sand and unapologetically state our values and what’s important in our world.

What do you stand for?