Your Highest Self Knows How To Support You

Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up feeling excited again? To spend 15 minutes just basking in all that you’ve created before you get up?

This is generally my life now but it wasn’t always like this.

Like you, I too used to wake up wondering if “this” was really it. Was “this” really what I thought I’d wanted.

And most of all, was this worth the sacrifices I’d made?

I had pushed and forced and it eventually burned me out enough to confine me to my bed for nearly 5 years.

Whilst I was lying there I knew that I’d made a choice between my success and my health and I also knew that I hadn’t felt fulfilled for years before I became ill.

On some level, I believe that I got ill as a way out of a situation that I was no longer enjoying as much as I knew I should.

Facing death’s door is a very extreme way of learning that there’s a better way to live.

Now, 5 years after my full recovery, my life couldn’t be different.

Focusing on consciously creating a business and life that feels awesome is not only possible…

… but possibly the only way to succeed in all areas instead of just the one.

You see when you focus on the feelings of how your future life will be you don’t include things like stress or lack of money in your visualisation.

So when you get the dream house that makes you feel safe and secure, you automatically attract the means to pay for it.

Your highest self knows exactly how to support you and your vision and provided you don’t cloudy the channel with doubt and fear, it’ll bring it all to you with ease.

When I first moved into this apartment, I was more excited by these mailboxes behind me than the concierge, marble walls, and fancy lighting. We didn’t have these in the UK so they made my life feel like I was living in a movie! ?