Having Faith and Staying Focused

This morning I woke up and saw numbers that didn’t please me.

For a minute they made me worry with a flurry of panic.

They made me feel sad.

They made me …

And then I remembered that the numbers weren’t making me feel anything.

I was making me feel those things.

It was me attaching meaning to these innocent numbers.

It was me making me feel mad, me making me feel bad, and me making me feel sad.

I was making these numbers mean something about me.

Seriously, that’s like shouting at the woman in the mirror and being upset that she’s shouting back.

So I remembered that focusing on ‘what is’ will never get me to where I’m going…

Because focusing on ‘what is’ can only ever bring more of ‘what is’.

I remembered that maybe I was looking too soon…

Judging too soon…

Doubting too soon.​​

I remembered that if I held the faith and stayed focused on where I’m heading…

… taking continual steps to get there whilst staying in the enjoyment of every step I take…

Then these numbers have no relevance.

​Especially not to the future I’m calling in.

This is the work my lovely.

This is what we get to do to ensure that we come with clean energy, and show up with inner knowing that everything gets to be alright.