Janet’s superpower is FIRE!  She ignites it in others. Fans the flame that’s burning low, into a raging super fire. That makes you burn through your goals, new and old.

Her BREAK-THOUGH session does just that! Annihilates blocks, walls, ex-husbands … Anything known or (like in my case) unknown to you – that’s standing in the path of you living your higher purpose. If you’re ready, REALLY ready, to show up and live – your best life. To unveil the highest version of yourself. Then let Janet use her superpower on you.

Wageedah Salie – South Africa

Janet is absolutely an amazing soul. She helped me resolve a deep routed mindset challenge which I was constantly battling for more than six months.

I am so grateful to that one session, which completely changed my mindset around LACK. I learnt to direct negative thoughts into positive ones and I could see results instantly.

Thank you so much Janet! You are truly incredible!

Jessie DSouza – India

Janet’s approach to everything she does comes from a profound place of love. She has taught me about self love. She has taught me about mindfulness. She has taught me about moving through my negative thoughts quickly – and not unpacking and living there! 

Janet, you are fab and I’m very grateful to have you in my life xxoo

Emma Conway – Australia

Today I had an individual coaching session with Janet. I’m participating in the group coaching program and feel very excited and involved with the process, but have faced some personal issues doing the homework.  Janet performed a great individual session which was incredibly healing, motivating and helped me to overcome my difficulties not only with that home exercise, but with my life and self-perception. Janet is a very professional and experienced coach, I have no words to express my gratitude. Janet, you are AWESOME! Thank you so much for your help and support!

Maria Melnikova – Bulgaria

I would recommend Janet because she is very intuitive and listens so well – she pushes back questions that make my solutions obvious to me and she is very professional.

If you are coaching with Janet you are not going to have someone give you the answers – rather you will have to put the work in, be receptive and find your own truth.

I appreciate the time that Janet spent helping me find my way.  Pushing me on the the path that I’m now brave enough to travel alone. 

Ronda Pressley – USA