Today I Have Big Energy

Today I have big energy

Big enough to hold not only my dreams

But yours too.

Big enough to feel into the moment that the fog lifts and you realise exactly who you are
and why you’re here.

Big enough to hold your fear and guide you through the dissolving of it so you can step up and step into the life you choose.

Today my energy is big because I’ve spent years expanding it to the point of instant connection with all that I AM, my highest self and universal intelligence…

So I can find peace, hope, and joy in the moment of the most stressful of situations.

The inner work I do changes how my outer world shows up and also my perception of it.

Learning to reframe the situation in the moment and learning to decide the outcome before stepping onto the path enables my life to feel easier than it ever has before…

… knowing that I have everything I need and More.