Be The Woman You Choose To Be

Be the woman you choose to Be.

The women in my world
… Are not afraid of striving
… Are not afraid of hard work
… Are not afraid of getting it wrong
… Are not afraid of going all in
… Are not afraid of starting over

But we are not going to kill ourselves in the process anymore.
We’re done with the hustle
We’re done with the struggle
We’re done with overworking
We’re done with the sacrifice
We’re done with faking it til we’re making it

We want it all and we want it our way.
We want the flow
We want the alignment
We want the fulfilment
We want the joy
We want the pleasure in every step

And because we know that when we get all that…

We get the Money
We get the Love
We get the Impact
We get the Influence
We get the Life
We get the experience we choose.

We breathe it all in from our root to our crown.

And we know that this is why we’re here.