It’s Time to Grow

It’s Time

It’s time to grow.

It’s time to expand into all of who you know you Are.

It’s time to expand the capacity of all you can hold and give permission for all that you want.

It’s time for forgiveness and acceptance for who you’ve been in the past…

… to heal her before you move onwards and forever forwards.

It’s time to step into your new states of More.

More wealth,

More health,

More freedom, and

More fulfilment…

It’s time to experience More love than you thought possible…

… More joy than you thought you could have …

And it’s time to know that you’re worthy of having it all.

You know that it’s time because you can feel the push…

… and the pull.

Dissatisfaction and frustration are showing you that you’ve outgrown your situation and your current state of Being.

The tension in your body and head is sounding the alarm that it’s time…It’s time to take the steps to make the change.

It’s time to get the More your heart and soul are crying out for.