Can You Have Both High-Achievement And Ease?

Even though I’ve totally dropped the hustle and struggle, I’m still a ridiculous over-achiever.

Or should that just be high-achiever?

I dunno, you tell me.

For instance, my coach challenged me to do a FB Live every day. I think she wanted me to do 7 on the trot and so far I’ve done 63.

This week my coach challenged me to do 3 FB stories this week. I think I’ve done 8 in the last 3 days. ?

And I’m averaging an A grade for my MBA courses, and I’m Team Lead for every team I’m in.

My point is, just because I’ve released the pushing energy it doesn’t mean I don’t DO.

I DO plenty.

But now I choose how I BE whilst I’m doing them.

And I choose for it to feel easy.

It’s totally possible to have both high-achievement and ease.

Isn’t that what you really want?