It All Starts With You

It’s all an inner game.

The safety you crave,

The resilience you need,

The abundance you wish to experience…It all starts with You.

We live in a universe based on cause and effect but irrespective of what you’ve been taught before…YOU are the cause,

The world you experience is the effect.

Feeling safe requires you to know that “no matter what happens” you’re going to be fine.

When I was in the depths of my digestive disorder, I didn’t feel safe until I accepted that I was going to die. That acceptance and the knowledge that because I am energy and energy can never be destroyed or created, my ‘death’ would just be a changing state.

Like water turns to steam, I will revert to Being pure energy.

Having this acceptance was quickly followed by finding the chiropractor that gave me back my life.

Resilience is achieved quickly by understanding that “everything is happening in my favour and for my greatest good”.With this understanding, every time you get knocked back you know that it’s part of your deeper growth and expansion so even if it feels shitty in the moment, you can rise above it and see the bigger picture. Once you realise that you’re here for the entire journey of growth over a lifetime, your setbacks don’t feel insurmountable.

Abundance is achieved when you realise that you’re meant to be here as much as the stars and the trees, and like the stars and the trees you are one in and of millions. You are always supported, you’ve always had and been enough, and when you understand that your abundance is your birthright, you can find evidence of abundance all around you.

Embodying these feelings allows the external world to change to match your internal emotions as your vibrational frequency collapses the waves of potentiality turning them into matter – your thoughts, dreams, and visions become material that you can hold in your hands.

So whatever the More that you want is…it starts with YOU.

You can decide who you are and how you want to feel, and when you become those things and embody them completely, your external world will spin around to give you evidence to match your feelings.