Fully Absorb Yourself in your Desired Reality

Where I got stuck in the whole manifestation lark, before it properly sunk in, was in knowing things on a cognitive level but not embodying them fully enough.

The reason that my private clients are able to shift really quickly into a new state of Being which brings in their desires, is because I guide them through an energetic journey into their possible future so they KNOW how it FEELS to Be there.

I am where I am now because I visited what it felt to be here repeatedly.

Over and over and over again I felt what living here felt like before I got to experience it in my physical reality.

It’s only when we can come from that place instead of the one that we’re currently experiencing that everything starts slotting into place like a well-played game of Tetris.

When Being in the state that you’re in, in that alternative, imagined reality becomes more ‘natural’ than the reality you’re currently experiencing, that’s when you really get into the flow of the consistent manifestation of wanted things.

For me, it had to shift out of my mind, and somewhat out of my body too, and I had to allow myself to be fully absorbed in the reality that I was choosing for it to materialize.

And for me, first came the joy and the calmness and the peace. And THEN came the material stuff.

So what if you can see, believe, and KNOW that peace of mind and happiness ARE the manifestations of your desires?

What if every moment of happiness created the momentum to the creation of money, clients, love, impact, whatever, that you want?

How would that change the way you approach every moment of every day?