I’m Exactly Where I Should Be

As my eyes crack open I see that there’s a haze over the boats on the harbour and I can’t see my mountains beyond the trees.

The sounds of the city below are soft and comforting.

The sirens that I’m sure some would find too much offer a strange reassurance of safety.

Here, as I lie in my bed, watching the light change as the sun rises, I feel the safest I have in my life.

The security that the building concierge offers is part of it. Knowing that nobody except the people that live here can get out of the elevator on our floor is part of it. Knowing that I have the finances to cover all that I need and More definitely helps too…

… but More than that I feel safe because I feel at peace.

I know that I’m exactly where I should be.

I feel supported and cared for, not just by the external forces, although I’m grateful for them, but there’s a deeper feeling…

… a feeling of serenity.

I trust and accept myself more than I have ever done before.