Taking Time Off

So after lounging around for most of the day, taking it easy so I fully recover from this sore throat/cold thing, I suddenly burst into life this evening and finished and submitted two assignments, helped several people with theirs, helped a couple of university friends manage their stress levels, and finished up and submitted a group project marketing plan outline!

I swear I’ve been crazy productive in the last few hours because I took the day off.

Taking time off, especially when you’re less than well is essential for mind, body, and spirit.

The thing is, I didn’t push myself into doing the work this evening. I had no intention of doing it.

At one point I said to my child who asked if they could play a game on the telly, “Yes, I accidentally seem to be working”.

And that’s kind of how it felt.

I was pulled into it.

It felt completely normal and natural to be doing it.

There was zero pressure to get any of it done yet it was all done super quickly.

And because I was drawn to it, and I felt well enough to do it because I had rested, there wasn’t any reluctance or hesitation, or procrastination.

There wasn’t any push energy at all.

I felt the urge and I went with it.

And I really enjoyed it.

And that my friends, is how I generally how I live the entirety of my life.

I allow it to be easy because I’ve decided that that’s how my life is.

And you get to decide that too.

You get that level of ease if you want it.