Choosing Ease, Allowance and Acceptance

My Today In Action:

Situation: Today I am ill with a sore throat and feel horrible.
Options: Push through and carry on as normally as possible or accept that I need a day of rest.
Decision: Have a day in bed.
Result: Zero pressure to Do anything.

Situation: Disappointing email that (in the short term) has a negative effect on my life and business
Options: Worry, stress, cry, and complain or do all I can to resolve the situation and release what I can’t control.
Decision: Lean into acceptance of what is, find peace with it.
Result: Relaxation

Situation: Fire Alarm goes off in the building. Freaked out sensory sensitive autistic children prepare very slowly to leave the apartment.
Options: Freak out and shout at them to get a move on before we all potentially burn to death as the fire engines have arrived or patiently encourage them to see the fun and excitement instead of the fear.
Decision: Find the humour in the situation whilst gently encouraging greater speed.
Result: Reasonably relaxed children putting one foot in front of the other as fast as they could.

Situation: Walking down 15 floors of stairs to evacuate the building.
Options: Complain that it hurts my body because I’m ill, complain that the mask is hurting my throat or notice that walking down 15 floors isn’t nearly as far as I thought it would be and notice the lack of smoke
Decision: Make the trip down the stairs as easy and none panicky as possible.
Result: We got down really quickly and nobody got very stressed out.

We all get to choose how we approach life and business.

It is ALWAYS my intention to choose the path that feels like EASE, ALLOWANCE, and ACCEPTANCE. ?