3 Mindset Shifts to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Most successful women have in one way or another suffered from that debilitating feeling of being out of their depth, afraid that they’ve just been making it up as they go along or terrified that everyone is going to find out just how unqualified and undeserving they are.

Having experienced extreme Imposter Syndrome I liken it to a mental version of Body Dysmorphia.

Just like a desperately thin individual who looks into the mirror and sees somebody overweight, it doesn’t matter how many accolades, awards, certificates, or degrees you have adorning your walls, when you step into your expertise, there’s something telling you that none of the what you see, none of what you’ve earned and none of what you logically know to be true, is actually real.

None of it means a thing because deep down in your soul you know that you’re not where you’re supposed to be.

Through working with countless women who have also lived this lie, and through some of the deepest inner diving I’ve ever done to pull myself out, I know that Imposter Syndrome occurs when our current position rises above our belief of what our level should be.

The ensuing cognitive dissonance (on the one hand we really want the success, title, money, etc but on the other, we don’t really believe we deserve it) causes levels of stress that can lead to more than just a loss of confidence; it can lead to serious ill-health both physically and mentally.

But there is a way out.

If you’re one of the more than 80% of successful people who suffer from Imposter Syndrome, here are 3 Mindset Shifts that you can work on to match your level of self-belief with your level of success and be freed from these destructive thought patterns that are keeping you playing a much smaller game than you’re here to play.

1 – As the lies of being unworthy, under-educated, or winging it come up, take a beat and ask if the lies hold any truth.

If you were presented with the same amount of experience or qualification as you have from somebody else, would you deem them qualified for the job at hand?

2 – Every time you hear the voice inside your head telling your that you’re not good enough in any way, add the words… “is a message that I no longer believe to be true. I choose to believe that I am perfectly able, worthy, and deserving of being where I am and having everything I want.”

The messages of “not being good enough” are very well practiced habits of thought so it’s time to drop that habit in favour of a more empowering message.  Appending the diminishing message with a correction means that the habit of dismissive inner talk is instantly rewritten into something better to believe without beating yourself for having the thought in the first place.

3 – Create a more realistic self-image.

If you don’t believe that you deserve the place you have at the table it’s because you hold a view of yourself that undermines your expertise.

To create a more realistic self-image list out everything that you’ve ever achieved. Add up all the money you’ve ever made. Identify everything about yourself that makes you awesome.  Ask some colleagues, friends, or family to contribute to this last list and discover how people who love you view you.

Instead of shooing the compliments away, practice hearing them and accepting them.  If your mind tries to dispute them, go back to the previous points in this article and KNOW that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be and totally worthy of being there.

Eliminating Imposter Syndrome from your life takes practice and being prepared to go inwards but it’s absolutely worth your time and it’s so much faster when you work with me.

So if Imposter Syndrome or any other limiting beliefs are preventing you from living a fulfilled life or growing the business of your dreams, book a free call with me now to discuss working together.