Selling Yourself on What You Want

Every marketeer worth their salt will tell you that people buy with emotion and justify the purchase with logic.

And the same is true when it comes to selling yourself on what you want.

Your logical brain looks for reasons to justify why you want it and why you should have it but because its main purpose is to keep you safe rather than to help you thrive, that logical justification will often point out all the reasons why you shouldn’t have it or even want it.

That primitive safety trap can be dissolved by knowing that you can have it just because you can. You’re worthy of it just because you are.

When you can rise above and become an observer of your thoughts you’re able to see them for what they are – a way of keeping you safely exactly where you are. And then you get to choose a different thought.

Then you get to decide that everything you want is already yours.

The logical reason behind your desires is “because I’ve decided”.

And that’s all the justification you need.

Once you decided that you get to have it all just because you’ve decided that you do, your safety-conscious brain can’t prevent you from receiving it.

And that’s kind of awesome ?