Accidentally Putting a Cap on Your Dreams

Not that long ago, in the grand scheme of things, I used to repeat the affirmation “I always get what I need”.

And I did.


Without fail.

I got what I needed.

And I always enough.

Just enough.

Then I realised the limitation of that affirmation.

Why get what you need when you can always have More?

Having More than you need opens you up to receiving enough to put into savings, enough to give to charity, and enough to enjoy the pleasures without guilt.

I now know that changing my affirmation to “I always have more than I need” has facilitated living in the “nice” area of Vancouver instead of having a roof over our heads.

It means that I get to decide where I shop instead of needing to go to the cheaper supermarkets in the area, and it means that I have zero debt and more savings than I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

And I assure you that it’s a mindset thing.

It’s an energetic thing.

It’s knowing that I can have More than enough because I choose to.

Sometimes our affirmations need a little tweak to invite in the More we choose to have.

Look at the words you tell yourself every day.

Are they really opening you up to full abundance of all you can have or are they accidentally putting a cap on your dreams?