Your Ego is Not Against You

Your Ego is not against you.
Far from it, it’s primary job is to keep you safe and to protect from you from harm.
It is the child inside that has learned all the ways of avoiding pain, humiliation, disappointment, and judgment.
To expand quickly, both in the tangible assets like money and in the intangible like consciousness and self-belief, you first need to reassure that child version of you that your growth is SAFE.
If the inner You feels insecure, you will subconsciously do everything you can to stay exactly where you are.
Inside of you are many versions of your Self and with awareness, (that you gain through working with me) you get to choose which version of You gets to play the leading role.
So who is running your show?
Is it You or the fearful six-year-old version of You that’s just looking for safety?