We’re Always Manifesting

We’re always manifesting, whether we believe in it or not and whether we do it consciously or not. With every breath we take, every feeling we feel, every thought we think, we’re manifesting and creating our life.

When we choose to create our life through intentional manifestation life feels easier.

The bumps are still there in the road but we swerve past them with ease or develop incredible shock absorbers so it feels like no big deal instead of a cataclysmic event.

Consciously creating your life enables you to choose how you feel and how you experience everything that occurs and also what you attract into it.

Want a financial windfall? Focus your energy on how it feels to hold that money in your hand or see the numbers in your bank account.

Want a new lover? Focus your energy on how it feels when you’re in love.

Feel it, Be it Embrace and know without doubt that it’s already yours in the energetic realms.

Revisit these feelings and visualise having what you want daily – even if it’s only for a few minutes and realise any and all resistance to it appearing.

Say it with me:

Everything I want is already mine

it’s here

it’s here

I love it

thank you

it’s mine

it’s mine

I have it

it’s here.

Allow the energy to flow through every cell in your Being and know that every word you’ve said is true.

And maintain that belief as Universal Intelligence moves all the pieces around the chessboard to create the reality of your choosing.