Not Everybody is a Reflection of You

Several of the teaching and training that I’ve experienced have taught that we are all ONE.
You are me and I am you and we are both Sally sitting over there.
If somebody does something that we don’t like they are holding up a mirror to show us what we don’t like about ourselves.
I’ve sat with this teaching for a long time.
I tried to embrace it.
I tried to see the shadow side of me that I found offensive in others.
But it never felt right.
So I asked myself the question that I frequently ask my clients:
Is this story true for me?
Is this belief that we are all ONE in my Truth?
I sat for a long time tuning into my highest self and the answer that came back was NO – Not totally.
I do believe that we are all part of a whole consciousness, however, I believe that we are all individual parts of that whole.
We are all separate stitches in the tapestry,
separate links in the chain,
separate cells in the organism.
And as such, not everybody is a mirror or a reflection of me.
Not everybody needs to be embraced and loved in order for me to love myself unconditionally.
To do that doesn’t allow you to build boundaries of what is acceptable to you and what isn’t and that places you into being a victim of your own making.
We don’t have to tolerate the intolerable and the quicker we, as a collective, stop accepting behaviour that directly goes against our highest values and greatest good the better.
As one of my previous coaches used to say, Highest Energy Wins.
If you allow your energy to be infiltrated by toxicity because you believe that you need to be all loving to all people, that toxic energy will swallow yours up because toxic energies don’t care about love – they are predatory in nature and their only desire is to the strongest and survive at all costs.
Just like cancer cells that eat up healthy ones. Yes, both are making up the environment of the body, but only one is serving our greatest good.
A client asked recently whether it was spiritual to cut certain people out of their life and my reply was “how could it not be?”
You are Spirit therefore everything you do is spiritual.
And the most spiritual thing a person can do is to love themselves enough to create a life that feels completely safe.
The concept of the ONE comes from the concept that we are all created from one God.
I personally don’t believe in a single deity.
I assert that we are all Gods and our unique consciousness when added together with the consciousness of all other spiritual beings creates the whole collective consciousness – just like the individual cells in our body create the human meat suit we walk around in.
Our personal level of consciousness creates the life that we experience within the bigger universe created by the collective consciousness that we are part of.
The more stitches in the tapestry that embrace personal love the stronger the energy of love will be on the whole, but that doesn’t mean that you have to embrace the fraying strands that are trying to destroy the masterpiece you’re part of.
Being a leader means knowing who to surround yourself with, who to give your energy to, and where to focus your attention.
If your attention is focused on putting out the fires started by other people, you cannot focus on the business, life, and legacy that you’re creating.
What’s good for you is what’s good for those who align with you.
Pull your big girl pants on and make a stand for what you KNOW is RIGHT and TRUE in accordance with your values.
If you don’t make the hard decisions – who will?