Diminishing Your Need For Help

I used to say “just” in front of everything I asked my (now) ex-husband to help me with.

I did it subconsciously to diminish the extent of my need. To make the request small so there was a greater chance of him obliging.

Regardless of the level you’re at in business, as high achieving women our propensity to diminish our need for help is almost habitual.

It’s not that we don’t need it or even that we don’t want it, often it’s because we’re so used to doing it all on our own that we simply forget to ask.

But that diminishment of our need for help ties in with an inability to receive it when it’s on offer.

And closing down our receiving in any form extends to closing down our receiving in other areas too.

Including money and perfect clients.

Conversely, when we’re open to receiving help, we open the doors to opportunities, connections and everything that goes with it.

Where are you diminishing any aspect of You, your work, or your life?