Feeling Unsupported

Recently I’ve been confronted again by the recurring theme of feeling unsupported.

My amazing energy worker has created powerful essences designed to uncover lingering obstacles to my monumental success so I’m not surprised that this is being brought to the surface again so I can remove the next layer of the onion.

Awareness is everything.

Here’s the thing about feeling unsupported though…

It lives in a place of victimhood.

It lives in a world where you’re looking to the external to fulfill your needs instead of realising that the lack of support comes from a mistrust of yourself.

It can also come from not taking full responsibility for all that you are and all that you’re creating and placing that responsibility in the hands of someone else.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hire a team or that you should do everything on your own, in fact getting the support framework of a team in place allows you to stand firmly on your own two feet within it…

No, what I’m saying is that you need to know that you’ll still be standing should they walk away or if you ask them to leave.

That’s where your strength and power is shown.

Without this inner-support standing strong we leave ourselves open to staying in relationships (both working and personal) far longer than we should for fear of falling if we stand alone.

Being unsupported is a story that generally isn’t true.

It’s a limiting belief that keeps you trying to hitch yourself to someone or something outside of you and it’s keeping you playing small as a result because you’re trying to give your power away.

Feeling supported is an inside job that starts with you supporting you.

How will you do that today?