We All Need Help Sometimes

Sometimes getting to where you want to go doesn’t feel easy.

In fact it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle through snow and ice when all you have on your feet are open toed stilettos.

It’s at these times that it’s important to know that you have support.

I lived most of life not truly believing that I was supported at all.

I had many pieces of evidence to back up my claim that I was unsupported.

It was only when I actively made the decision to find the evidence of the support that needed already being there, that I was able to finally see it.

This morning I have been getting things sorted out and reached out for support.

That bit there, the “I reached out” bit, was something that didn’t use to come easy.

I mean, I’m a bright, intelligent, capable woman who doesn’t need anybody’s help right?


We all need help from time to time.

We all need a hug and to be told that it’s going to be alright from time to time too – no matter how much mindset work we do!

Because of all the evidence I had gathered that told me that asking for support was futile, relearning how to do it was hard – but essential to my growth.

The women I work with have overcome their fear of being diminished by asking for help.

They know what they want and they’re not afraid to call in the troops to help them get there.

They are empowered enough to make the decision of not going through this journey alone.

“It’s lonely at the top”, doesn’t apply to us because we know that together we rise and together to celebrate what we’ve achieved – together.

Synergy is where the collective is greater than the sum of its individual parts and that is what happens in group coaching.

If you’re in my world, I know that you’re ready to Be More, Do More, and Have More – so what are you waiting for?