Intentional Manifestation Isn’t Just About The Money

Intentional manifestation isn’t just about the money. It isn’t just about the fancy clothes, fancy home, or fancy car.

I mean, it can be about those things, and eventually, all those things will and do appear…

But before the material stuff shows up, you manifest feeling free, feeling calm, and feeling good in the life you’re living.

What’s the point of money if you never have time to spend it?

What’s the point in a relationship if you’re too stressed or insecure to enjoy it?

Manifestation, the way that I do it, takes a 360-degree approach to your life.

I teach it this way because this is the way that it finally worked for me. When I truly understood and embodied that well-worn phrase, “the pleasure is in the journey, not the destination” suddenly everything became clear and the things that I needed to support the life I was choosing showed up with speed and ease.

It took me years to get that. Years!

I don’t want it to take you that long too.

And it doesn’t need to.

Because I’ve already been where you are I can help you climb the ladders instead of counting through every square on the board.

And because I’ve slid down more than a few snakes in my time, I know how to spot their hiding places so you get to avoid them.