Are You Focusing on The Right thing?

When you’re worried about something, or it’s playing on your mind, it’s really easy to focus all of your attention on the problem or the issue in an attempt to work or hustle your way out of.

As soon as you wake up, even before you’ve brushed your teeth, your focus is on the problem.

You went to sleep thinking about it, you wake up thinking about it, and all day long the problem follows you around like a black rain cloud above your head.

But by doing this, your singular vision, your singular focus of energy is on the problem which disallows the solution to be seen.

Conversely, when you focus your attention on the way that life would rather be, the solutions to the problem will show up.

So whether that’s breaking through your $100k ceiling or finding the love of your life, holding the vision of what life looks like on the other side of your breakthrough is what will get you there faster and with more ease.

Notice right now, are you focused on the problem or focused on the life you’re creating?