Allow Yourself to Daydream

How often do you allow yourself to daydream? To sink into that blissful place that feels warm, comforting, and as though you’re being surrounded by a feather duvet?

It’s when I’m in this State of Being that I know that magic is happening.

Energetic magic feels warm, and tingly, and safe and fun. It feels exciting, a little sexy, playful, and exhilarating.

I can stay in the State of Bliss for what feels like hours.

Three minutes is apparently enough to send your energy blast into the unified field to dismantle thought waves into matter so you get to hold in your hand what you’ve been loving in your imagination.

And every time something happens to show you that you’re on the right path and everything you want is on its way, you can’t help but laugh at loud.

Yesterday I bought something that I’d almost bought a few days ago but decided to wait – I wasn’t even sure why I was waiting, I just know that should.

Turns out I was unknowingly waiting for the items to go on sale and I saved myself $333!

I know right!?! How can you not laugh out loud at that???

This is why I love my life.