Choosing to Make Life Fun

What a day!
I had an awesome client call this morning – I have never seen this awesome woman looking so clear, grounded, and centered.
Then I took my car, Cedric, to have his MOT done.
For the first time since I’ve had him he passed first time! Woohoo!!
Then, as we were driving home, we got stuck at traffic lights because I couldn’t get him into gear. Luckily the road had two lanes so people who saw my flashing hazards went around.
Some lovely construction workers from the site over the road pushed my car into the central reservation that was surrounded by bollards to warn of the construction site entrance and there the car waited (we waited on the pavement) until the most wonderful AA guy arrived.
He told me that it was just goofy timing that Cedric would lose his clutch immediately after passing his MOT and after ringing round for somewhere to tow him to, he towed us to a great garage where Cedric is staying overnight and they’ll call me in the morning with a quote to get him fixed. If the quote is too high he’ll probably be sold as is because we plan on selling him when we go to Canada anyway.
I told Molly that if we sell him we’ll hire cars if we need to and get taxis to the supermarket. She told me that was the most middle class sentence I have ever uttered and we can take the bus. Say what now??? ?
Mark, the lovely AA man, then drove us to Waitrose so we could pick up some posh ready meals and champagne and we walked back to our AirBnB in the Equestrian Centre.
Bits that made me laugh the most today:
The AA guy knew Mullion (the small Cornish village we’ve just left) and has been on holiday there.
When we got towed to the garage, there was an enormous Canadian flag on a building leading into the industrial estate called Canada House.
The receptionist’s brother had lived in Vancouver for 3 years and loved it. She gushed about how amazing it was.
I also loved that I called our AirBnB landlord who asked our neighbour to call round to let my son know what was happening.
Like I said, it’s been a day!
The best bit though, was that when we eventually got home, I came on Facebook and saw the picture I posted that looks like me as an old bald man because the lighting was crazy, and it reminded that life doesn’t need to be serious if we choose to make it fun. ?