The Man

If you left corporate to stop working for the Man, why did you become the Man??
**The sleepless nights filled with the anxiety of missing deadlines and letting people down
**Sticking to regular work hours so everyone knows you’re serious and nobody thinks you’re a slacker
**Making up stuff to do to keep you busy when the scheduled work is complete
**Being underpaid and overworked and still not being where you know you want to be
Life is no different than it was when you held that office!
That’s because although You might be out of corporate, Corporate might not be out of You.
If corporate left you feeling less-than, chained to the desk, and under constant pressure and your business is leaving you feeling that way too…
…then what was the point of jumping ship?
Is this really it for you??
Before all your doodles and dreams of making a difference, building a legacy, creating incredible Income, Impact, and Influence dissolve…
…start asking how you can bring more of You into what you do.
How can you Be more of the You on the other side of your breakthrough now?
If you could stop being The Man the thought you’d left behind, how would you choose to do things?