Reaffirming Our Desires

In every moment of every day we get to reaffirm our desires.

We do this by focussing our energy on the life and successful business that we’re creating.

If a fearful bump lies in our path,

we get to choose to get over it,
we get to choose to iron it out,
we get to choose to feel into having what we want more strongly and more definitely and
we get to choose to get our mind, our body, our energy and our vibration behind that desire.

The Universe doesn’t test us because the perception of a problem being big or small is completely our own and all events are neutral until we label them and attach an emotion or judgment to them.

Universal energy responds to the electromagnetic energy that we emit and the power of the vibration that’s governed by emotion.

If things are feeling challenging, you can choose to take it as an opportunity to reaffirm your belief in having the outcome that you say we want.

What are you choosing today?