Doing The Doing

The consistency of Doing when you’re pulled by vision, comes through Being and Feeling into the version of you that already has what you’re working to achieve.

And that Being comes through Knowing that it’s not only possible for you to have it, but that it’s already Yours.

When this is the case the Doing comes naturally because you have an “already mine” attitude and mindset that doesn’t have space for self-doubt to take root.

The Doing doesn’t come through pushing because you feel the need to prove yourself in any way, the Doing happens because it’s the natural thing to do!

You love yourself and your gifts / service / products SO much that sharing them with the world is easy because fears of people not wanting them don’t have any substance.

And if people do reject your offers you know that it has no reflection on who you are, your sense of worth, or the value of your product or service because your self-image is longer attached to external validation.

It’s taken me years to get back into this state of being after allowing myself to sink into the energy of self-doubt and proving my worth that caused me to burnout of my previous business and very nearly dying as a result.

Now that I have it back I will never allow myself to lose it again and every day I learn more and expand more deeply into it.