Welcome to Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of Overcoming Financial Stress.

In this our last week of the program, we’re going to look at how to sustain the stress-free outlook you now hold around your finances and investigate your next steps.

One of the ways that people suffer from high financial stress as they build their wealth is because the upgrade every area of their lives as the money starts to come in.  When this happens we put greater financial pressure upon ourselves with the more money we have as we’re constantly increasing our expenditure along with our income.

Instead of our children going to a very good state-funded school, we put them into Private Education.  Instead of being happy with $60 jeans, we now pay four times that amount, and instead of living in a comfortable family home, we now invest in a multimillion-dollar estate.

Having all of these things is wonderful, but before you upgrade your life, ask yourself why you want them.  Why do you now need a thirty room house with outbuildings and land instead of the eight-room home you were very happy with before your increased wealth?

Often when we upgrade our lives it is because we have an image of what a person on our income level owns, wears and drives and we attempt to live up to that image.  This means that we always live to the edge of our means rather than enjoying the cushion of financial comfort that our rising income creates.

Famously Warren Buffet who has a reported net worth of $89 billion still lives in the home he bought in 1958 for $31,000 with a current valuation of around the $700,000 mark, so before you buy the Ferrari or the designer frocks, make sure that you are buying your dream and not the image of a wealthy person that we’ve been sold by the marketers.

As we make more money, we could find ourselves in a situation of not feeling as though we deserve the money we’re getting and imposter syndrome might get triggered to put us back in our box where we were before. Imposter Syndrome is basically high-level self-sabotage and high self-doubt.  The following 5 steps will help you to overcome Imposter Syndrome if you experience it.  Journal on the following 5 steps.

Step 1

Listen to the words that you have playing in your mind and think back to where the words that you’re telling yourself about your worth came from in the first place. According to the majority of psychologists, these words are usually the words you heard before the age of 7, however, it’s my personal experience that you can get this programming from any stage of your life.

Step 2

Where else in your life this pattern of thought has shown up?  If your achievements have never been celebrated you learn not to celebrate them yourself either because if you crave the celebration but don’t receive it, it doesn’t bring the good feeling you should expect from achievement and as you want to avoid that horrible feeling, you don’t allow yourself to feel your greatness. This could look like a parent who was never happy with your grade at school, no matter how high it was, or a peer group that you had to hide your good grades from because otherwise, they’d ridicule you as getting above your station. Somewhere along the line, you learned that it was better for you to stay small and not blow your trumpet but somewhere deep inside you want to blow your trumpet very loudly and that causes a discourse within you. which means that the higher you get, the less part of you wants to be there. Journal on what is true for you and how you’ve been keeping yourself small and not celebrating or appreciating the achievements you’ve gained.

Step 3

Look at those thoughts and patterns of behavior from another angle. Ask yourself, if the thoughts you are thinking are REALLY true.  Is it REALLY true that you haven’t worked to get to where you are? If you were looking at your journey from the perspective of a higher being, would you be able to see the work that you had put in? Is it REALLY true that you’re unqualified for the role you’ve undertaken? Look at all the evidence you have in front of you that prove that you are deserving of success, REGARDLESS of the words that you’re hearing in your head.  Does the actual evidence you have, that’s the happy clients, the degree certificates on your wall, the external validation that you’re receiving, prove that you deserve the recognition and success?  If somebody you really loved, like a daughter or son, came to you with this evidence of their achievements, would you think that they’d done really well?  Detach yourself from your current thinking and review the situation from a higher perspective.

Step 4

Decide what story about yourself you choose to believe.  Do you choose to believe the programmed voices in your head or do you choose to believe the higher perspective reality about yourself? There’s nothing externally that needs to change for you to be able to believe that you thoroughly deserve to be where you are, it’s an INTERNAL game that you have to master, and that has to start with a choice that you’re just not going to believe this nonsense about you anymore. You have to CHOOSE to allow yourself to feel awesome in your achievements. You have to allow yourself to celebrate your success even if nobody around you is doing so. By identifying and becoming aware of what has caused your patterns of thinking and behavior you are now in a position to change them. You can press stop on the recording and give yourself a different playlist. You don’t feel like an Imposter because you ARE an Imposter, you feel like an Imposter because you’ve been TAUGHT to feel that way.  So with this awareness, you can now choose to unlearn that and teach yourself a new curriculum that celebrates every aspect of you.  You can tell yourself a new story that enables you to stand in your power and be comfortable and self-assured in your place in the world.

Step 5

Step into this new story of you.  Every time one of those familiar diminishing thoughts pops up, grab it out of the air, throw it into the sun for transmutation and remind yourself that you no longer believe that about yourself, then tell yourself the NEW story of You. You might need to do this a hundred times a day to being with or it might just suddenly click into place and you feel the weight of years of repression suddenly drop off you. It’s going to be a different experience for everybody so if you have to keep catching the thought, time and time and time again, that’s absolutely fine. The belief of your unworthiness got into you through repetition and it’ll be changed in the same way, so every time you catch the thought and replace it with your new one, celebrate the fact that you caught it. Be proud of yourself for catching it and not upset with yourself for having it.  Be kind and gentle with yourself and constantly show yourself compassion as you remind yourself that you are creating your life in your own image now and you no longer have to live by the rules or programming of your past.

Everybody has an upper and lower limit that they are prepared to live with.  When we breach these limits is when we can experience increased levels of stress as we push against our comfort levels and boundaries.  To counteract this we need to continually increase our capacity for growth in all areas of our lives.  We’ve been doing this throughout the program. 

Every time things start to feel uncomfortable as you push upon your upper limits of financial success, be aware that self-sabotage such as Imposter Syndrome, increased spending or decreased earning is likely to be triggered.  Be consciously aware of your own self-sabotaging behaviors so you can catch them quickly before they take hold.

If you notice that you’ve started to engage in self-sabotaging behavior, congratulate yourself of hitting an upper limit, do the following steps:

Step 1

Journal on what fears you have about going beyond where you currently are.

Step 2

Image yourself on the other side of those fears and feel into that space. 

Step 3

Choose to accept that new image of your life into your current reality now.

Step 4

Write out the new reality of life beyond your current upper limit.

Now that you’ve got proven solutions to the financial stress you’ve been experiencing, it’s important that you continue with the daily steps to achieve the stress-free life of financial abundance that you deserve.  To continue your journey you might wish to take advantage of the other programs that I’ve created to help you on your way so if, as you’ve been through this program, you’ve found it difficult to move past the fears of taking action, I highly recommend the purchase of my Lift the Lid program.  This is a short self-study audio course that uncovers your hidden fears in greater depth.

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Books I highly recommend:

Money by Rob Moore

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles

Principles: Life and Work by Ray Daleo

Habits for Happiness by Janet Mohapi-Banks – available from Amazon

It has been an absolute honor and privilege to have been your guide through this program, and I hope you’ve found it to be very useful to you.

As I always strive to provide the best services for my clients I would very much appreciate your feedback so I am able to constantly improve this program.  I would also very much appreciate a short video testimonial to show to other people who would benefit from this program in the future.

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Thank you so much and I wish you the very best for the future.  I’ll see you again soon. x