Welcome to Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of Overcoming Financial Stress.

This week we are very fortunate to have a Masterclass by Karen Newton of the £2.73 Club and this forms the majority of this weeks content.

We also explore another way of keeping yourself in control of your money, rather than allowing money to take control of you.

Last week we learned how to reduce our credit card debt in the quickest way possible by using the snowball method.

One of the things that actually slows financial growth is when we hoard it and try to keep a hold of as much of the money that we have coming in as possible, so when you’ve cleared the debts or you’ve got your Peace of Mind account up to the levels that you’re happy with, we still need to know where our money is going in order to keep it flowing.

For this, we’re going to use the Pots of Prosperity method of ensuring that your money is spent wisely and is serving your highest good.

As your money comes in, take out what is necessary for your living expenses.

With the remainder, allocate the following amounts to existing and new accounts:

20% to your Peace of Mind fund

20% to the charity of your choice

20% to your education fund

20% to your long term investment fund

20% to your playtime fund

Charity – Giving back to your local community or the global community, expecting nothing in return, fosters good energy around your money and helps those who are less fortunate.

Education – To be successful in business or life, it’s important to keep growing and learning so by having an education fund you won’t feel a restriction on allowing yourself that growth.  You can use this fund for workshops, books, retreats, anything that helps you to expand and helps you to reach your fullest potential.

Long Term Investment – The long term investment fund shouldn’t be touched until there is enough in it that you can invest in a profitable investment opportunity.  Karen Newton’s From Zero to Millionaire Masterclass will teach you some of the ways that you can utilize this fund.  If you find a good opportunity you will have the funds available to you without it affecting any other area of your finances.  Keep adding to the fund, even after taking an opportunity, so you’re always in a good position to take the next one that comes along.

Fun – One of the things that people often forget to do is to allow themselves to have fun with their money.  Just like a very boring and restricted diet can often result in suddenly binging an entire tub of ice cream, not allowing yourself to enjoy your money on some frivolous fun things will cause you to hold on too tightly to your resources which, as we’ve discussed before, ultimately strangles their growth.

Karen Newton from the £2.73 club shares her masterclass on how she helps people go from Zero to Millionaire. 

Thank you so much to Karen for this amazing class.

If you would like to know more about Karen and her Zero to Millionaire course, please follow this link: https://courses.karennewtoninternational.com/products/courses/view/1102078/

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Release your financial stress and fears with EFT.

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