Private Coaching

Sick of working harder and harder, and still not feeling like it’s enough?

Worried you can’t keep this pace much longer, fulfilling ridiculously high expectations?

Are you constantly on edge and afraid you could blow any second, but you still can’t stop until you get to your next level? (What would people say if you let them down?)

You’re pushing harder and harder because that’s what you’ve been taught to do. But all that’s happening now is you’re running yourself into the ground and it feels awful.

Every day, your self-doubt grows stronger and you feel as though you’re sinking deeper and deeper into a pit. You know you need to find a way out before it swallows you up completely.

And that’s why I’m here.

It’s my life’s mission to help women just like you feel amazing, reach your goals, and love yourself – without pressure, exhaustion and worry to perform.

Measuring your self-worth based on other people’s opinions, and how hard you hustle dies here.

But first, you have to be willing to let go of needing to be busy all the time (so you can prove that you have value in the world).

And you have to be willing to put your own needs above the expectations of others. When you do that, you get better at everything – and the limits you’re currently bashing your head against dissolve.

Your income goals, your impact goals, all of your goals are finally met with ease because deep down you truly believe you deserve them.

And you do.

You’re worthy of everything you want and more. I know it might feel a little uncomfortable to hear right now, but I promise it’s true.

I see the unstoppable, incredible, kickass women who gets everything she wants, without the self-judgement that’s caused the struggle and stress.

I see the confident woman that succeeds with ease and peace of mind, who is finally proud to be exactly who she is.

I can’t wait for you to see her too.

If you’re ready to meet her, apply here: 

My private coaching is done via Zoom. We deep dive into You, where you’re heading, how you’re going to get there and what’s been holding you back.

AND you have unlimited access to me for troubleshooting between calls. You’re not on this journey alone.

Our time together will:

 Increase your self-worth, your confidence and your peace of mind

 Reduce your stress, anxiety and overwhelm

– Help you create your own personal blueprint to success

 Get you in alignment with your values, and who you are

 Show you how to prioritize your wellbeing above the expectations of others

You’ll no longer:

 Work all the time, and work so hard.

– Feel trapped in a cycle of overwhelm and stress

– Be stuck on your plateau

– Feel like you’re never doing enough

– Be a prisoner to anxiety and insomnia

It’s time to reach new levels in your business and life, AND in your self-belief and self-awareness. That is what allows you be completely who you really are.

You’ll rediscover your true voice and you won’t be afraid to use it – because you’ll trust yourself and allow yourself to have the peaceful, easy, prosperous life you want.

The Process:

I’ve developed a Four Stage Private Coaching Program that allows you to take your foot off the gas without losing momentum.

Stage 1 – We lose the stress, hustle and struggle so you no longer fear burning yourself out.

Stage 2 – We get to the root cause of your money mindset and beliefs so you feel able to appreciate the wealth you’ve earned, which allows you to earn more.

Stage 3 – You take back your power, you find your voice and you grow in inner-confidence and peace-of-mind.

Stage 4 – We create a sustainable personal blueprint of how to grow your business without the stress that’s got you to where you currently are.

I’m not for everyone, so please only apply if you’re:

– Intent on reaching your next levels with ease 

 A high-achiever ready to stop working 24/7 to achieve goals

– Willing to rewrite your belief systems, the one that says success only comes through struggle, stress and hard work 

 Ready to step outside of your comfort zone

 Willing to invest emotionally, financially and in the time necessary to transform your life and your business.

You’re here because you’ve been putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list.

Nothing in your life is going to change until you start putting yourself first. And that means prioritizing your needs above all else.

Your transformation and the growth of your life and your business starts with you looking after you, and loving and trusting yourself enough to know that you’re worthy of this investment.

If you’re ready to take the leap and to become the happy, confident, self-assured and prosperous entrepreneur – without the struggle and hardship – hit the button below to apply for Private Coaching.