How To Own Your Brilliance – FREE Superhero Training

Hosted by Janet Mohapi-Banks – Superhero Coach, Speaker and Amazon International Best Selling Author. 

Janet is on a mission to help you to awaken to your Superhero Self by helping you to reconnect with your Personal Power so you grow in confidence and live up to your potential. This generally manifests as more money, better relationships and a happier more fulfilled life.

There’s nothing quite as soul destroying as the feeling that you’re not living up to your truest potential – that feeling that you’re not having the impact, income or connection that you know in your heart you need, not just want.

If the feelings of frustration are getting too much to bear and your world is feeling uncomfortably small it’s because your Superhero Self is clamouring to get out. 

During this FREE Superhero Training you’ll discover how to stop settling for a life you’ve outgrown and how to step into and OWN YOUR BRILLIANCE.

Leave your Smallville persona behind and give yourself permission to fly.

DAY 1: We’ll explore who you really are, your unique gifts, and the Superhero life you know you want.

DAY 2: We’ll discover why you’ve been playing smaller than you really are and how to shift into allowing your brilliance to shine.

DAY 3: We’ll open up your capacity to receive, in all of its forms, so you get to properly experience your amazing life.

DAY 4: We’ll find your voice and create your boundaries so you stand in your power with confidence.

“I’m sure I would have got here eventually by myself but your support got me to where I am a 100% faster. New adventure, new chapter, new challenge for me now. Thank you again. Much love. Xxxxxx

Christine West – UK

Janet is a very professional and experienced coach, I have no words to express my gratitude. Janet, you are AWESOME! Thank you so much for your help and support!”

Maria Melnikova – Bulgaria

Janet’s approach to everything she does comes from a profound place of love. She has taught me about self love. She has taught me about mindfulness. She has taught me about moving through my negative thoughts quickly – and not unpacking and living there! Her tips and tricks are so easy  to adapt into everyday life.  Janet, you are fab and I’m very grateful to have you in my life xxoo”

Emma Conway –  Brisbane, Australia

I would recommend Janet because she is very intuitive and listens so well – she pushes back questions that make my solutions obvious to me and she is very professional.

If you are coaching with Janet you are not going to have someone give you the answers – rather you will have to put the work in, be receptive and find your own truth.” 

Ronda Pressley.  Berryville, Virginia, USA