Habits for Happiness Free Course

Sometimes the crap hits the fan and you never even saw it coming.


Whether it’s losing your career, your husband, or your health, sometimes you get slapped so hard it can make you spin.


That’s what happened to me.  In fact, all three of those things happened to me.


18 months after winning a prestigious business award I was flat on my back, with the prognosis of a slow death by starvation after developing a rare digestive disorder.


The stress, overworking, and not looking after myself very nearly ended my life.  Thankfully, I’m now fully recovered but I had to learn to do things in a different way than I did them before and a different way to BE.


But I know that I’m not alone.


I know that sometimes it’s too easy to keep on going rather than allowing yourself to rest and listen to what your body and soul know they need.


And I know that by doing that it’s really easy to get so overwhelmed by life that it can feel that your sun will never shine brightly again.


That’s why I’ve written this book.


These are the first steps you need to take you from where you currently are to a life that is awesome by design.


Throughout the book, you will find exercises that you can easily incorporate into your life to become habits that form your happiness.


I have lived every single one of these exercises which I how I know beyond doubt that they work.


And if they worked for me, I know that they will work for you too.

But that’s not all!  


On 11/11/2020, Habits for Happiness

Celebrates its First Birthday!!


Since its launch, the book has consistently been in the Amazon Top 100 Best Seller lists, often within the Top 20, in the US, UK, and Australia and it also won an award for its beautiful cover design.


So to celebrate, during its birthday week, it is my absolute privilege to offer you FREE access to

From Stuck to Unstoppable

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Janet Mohapi-Banks is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Breakthrough Coach for established and ambitious female entrepreneurs, creatives, and change-makers helping them to overcome their limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns of behavior to become the leaders they know they are.

With a foundational basis of self-love and self-acceptance, mixing metaphysics, mindset, and magical energy clearings Janet gets to the root of what’s really stopping you from stepping into your power and creating the business, life, and legacy you know is yours but you just can’t seem to get to.