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My session with Janet was amazing!

It was a little like a hypnosis session and I have to say it has had a profound effect on me.

Janet took me (in my mind) to places in my future self/life and where I could clearly see myself achieving things that felt amazing… I saw myself standing on a stage from the point of view of an audience… (I am still feeling this after 24 hours, it’s mind blowing)… For me standing on a stage in front of people was more like a death sentence… I would rather die… but now I feel brave and calm,  I felt how I will feel… accomplished and satisfied in my achievement and how important it is that I motivate others to feel confident and that show that anything is possible. The scary things aren’t actually scary at all… it was just an illusion that has been created at some point in my life to protect me.

The other image I saw was one of me sitting in a room in my house with it looking just the way I want it… with a feeling of being comfortable, calm and secure… I am able to return to these scenes and feel the feelings that I felt.

I normally have a very busy mind and it was nice to focus my attention and allow these thoughts to really become more that just thoughts but actual experiences. 

And so I discovered that my Superpowers are Motivating people and helping and showing others how to find/create Peace and Comfort for living life without self-imposed illusions…

I highly recommend this session to anyone who is ready to discover their Superpowers!

Hannah Freeman – Personal Lifestyle and Confidence Coach