Knowing Your Value

Today my daughter and I went into town and I bought some new make-up.
There’s something so amazing about being properly attended to by a professional who was able to colour-match my foundation more brilliantly than I’ve ever experienced before.
Where I lived growing up in the ’70s and ’80s there really wasn’t a lot of choice for Black-skinned people when it came to make-up like foundation and even blusher and I’m so pleased to see that has really changed.
Back in the day, when I making cakes for people having events at The Ritz, Mayfair, I used to wear make-up all the time. Nice make-up. Expensive make-up. Make-up that used to make me feel really good wearing it.
But somewhere along the line, probably due to throwing up every day for 5 years, divorce, one child with a heart condition, and another one with a diagnosis of autism, make-up was something that just fell away.
When I got better make-up started to be a part of my life again but it wasn’t at the same level as it had been.
The make-up and the brands were fine, but they didn’t make me feel amazing.
They did, however, to a certain extent, mirror the level that I valued myself.
The funny thing is that I didn’t even notice until I went to buy some make-up today and didn’t worry about the price tag because looking good and feeling good were worth any amount they charged me because, to coin a phrase, I’m worth it!
I’m going to go back in a couple of days to completely overhaul my make-up bag and I can’t wait.
Upgrading my internal sense of self means that my outer world is upgrading too because it has to match.
And this is absolutely what happens with my clients too.
The clients they work with are their perfect clients instead of clients that are hard and exhausting to work with.
They know the value of themselves and what they bring to the world so they’re able to increase their fees with absolute confidence because what they bring is magnified.
When you love yourself so much that you stop caring about being judged and allow yourself to be ALL of You, your magic is released.
So where can you lean into loving yourself more so you show up more brilliantly and more confidently than you currently do?
Where is your internal and external out of balance?
What aspect of your human existence needs the upgrade?
Always level up and never bring any part of yourself down to meet your lowest aspect.
When you stop being a smaller version of yourself and really decide to live to the highest knowing of who you are, everything changes. And it feels like freedom.