Self-Doubt Doesn’t Need To Be Part Of The Journey

We’re constantly being programmed with the belief that self-doubt is a normal and natural state to be in when you’re an entrepreneur.

I’m here to call BS on that.

When you love your work and you have confidence in the product or service that you provide, then why would you ever doubt your ability to deliver it? 

And if you loved yourself completely and unconditionally, why would you ever doubt that you don’t deserve to have the financial gains associated with your next-level success?

Self-doubt isn’t your natural state, it’s been programmed into you.

When my children were little they would happily walk along walls until, because I love them so much and wanted to keep them safe, I told them to be careful. 

By me telling them to be careful it instilled a sense that what they were doing was dangerous. 

Walking on walls went from something that was completely safe to being something to be scared of in those two little words that were spoken with love and caring intention.

If you can’t seem to breakthrough to your desired goals, generally speaking its because in your subconscious there’s an element of fear that doing so would be unsafe – so self-doubt sets in to protect you.

That sense of fear and uncertainty was probably instilled at a young age and is perpetuated by the seemingly universal agreement that we are supposed to live doubting ourselves and our safety.

I say it’s time to drop that narrative because although it might keep us safe (which is it’s purpose) it doesn’t serve our desired outcomes for further success.

The work I do with my clients strips out the layers of fear that we’ve built up to protect ourselves from the danger of the unknown. 

If you’ve never crossed the threshold of your next-level goal to do so would be entering unknown territory which is why the doubt and fear steps in.

Flying through our glass-ceilings is easy when we’re able to truly stand in our power as confident creators of the life we desire because nothing can stand in our way. 

When we realise that the voice of self-doubt is really that of a child looking for safety and certainty and we’re able to hold a safe space for that fearful child KNOWING that we can confidently make it up the stairs without falling, the self-doubt dissolves allowing us to take intuitive action with ease.

The more you do this on a conscious level, the less that voice of doubt will pipe up.

Self-doubt doesn’t need to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey so if you know that it’s a big part of your life,