Welcome to Pre-Work

Welcome to the pre-work of Overcoming Financial Stress.

Before we get started properly, the work you do here will give you a good grounding for what’s to come.

This program will work for you as much as you work on it, so please don’t sell yourself short and skip sections or skip the daily habits that will be recommended to you as it’s these things that will make the most difference when it comes to your relationship with money and how much money you’ll be able to happily earn in the future.

Step 1.  How do you want your life to look and feel?

In your journal, please define how you would like the major areas of your life to look and feel.  Although this program focuses on your relationship with money, the financial stress that you are experiencing will be having a knock-on effect on other areas of your life.  By defining what you would like each of these areas to look and feel like, we can take a holistic approach to your overcoming your financial stress.

Journal on the following areas and decide how you would like these areas to manifest:

Finances – What income both for business and personally do you wish to have? How are you going to obtain this money?

Family – What do you love doing with your family and what would you like your family life to be like?

Fun – What activities do you enjoy doing / would you like to do for fun?

Fitness – What would you like your fitness levels to be like? What do you enjoy doing / would you like to do to keep fit and healthy?

Faith / Spirituality – How do you / would you like to connect with your inner / higher self or diety?

Future – What would you like to be your legacy after your passing? What do you want to be remembered for?

Step 2Your Money Stories

In Week 1 we are going to look at your relationship with money and what money means to you.  Many of these meanings will have been passed down from family members and your social circles.  So before we really get into it, think about and journal on the stories that you were brought up with, with regards to having money. 

What were the stories?

Where did these stories come from?

How did they affect your life and the decisions that you have made when it comes to money?

Step 3. Know your numbers!

As we continue to work on your Money Mindset, I want you to know without any shadow of a doubt that you have enough.

As a business owner or private individual, it is so important for you to know your numbers inside and out.  At the very least you need to know your Income, Outgoings and Debt.  If you’re an entrepreneur, do these calculations for each separate entitity – for you as an individual and for each company you own.


Monthly Outgoings – Mortgage or rent, household bills, school fees, insurances, car payments, wages, taxes, etc

Monthly Incomings – Earnings, dividends, etc

These calculations are the every-day running of your life and/or business.  These are NOT your net worth figures, this is the money that you use week in, week out.

If you find that your regular base outgoings are slightly more than your incomings, go through all of your expenses such as utility bills, credit card payments, etc and shop around to find cheaper solutions or get rid of everything that is not vital to you quickly create a situation where your income definitely exceeds or is equal to your outgoings.  Even if your outgoings are not more than your incomings, going through your bills and suppliers is a good practice to do periodically anyway to ensure that you’re on the cheapest tariffs available.  

When you have done this, on a piece of paper, write out your Monthy Outgoings, your Monthly Incomings and the Balance that you have left over. 

Put this paper somewhere where you can see it every day.

The most common basis for Financial Stress is a worry that we don’t have enough. 

Now that you have proven in your logical thinking brain that you absolutely DO have enough, every time the worrisome voice appears in the back of your head telling you that you need to stress about your finances, you can look at the paper and instruct your brain that it is telling you lies and tell yourself, out loud if possible, I HAVE ENOUGH.

We will be going into this in more detail in Week 1, but it starts with the fundamental, undeniable knowledge that YOU HAVE ENOUGH.