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Do you have goals?

Do you want to actually achieve them instead of just setting the intention to?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you know WHERE you’re stuck and WHY you’ve not reached the goals you set out to achieve yet?

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what it is that’s keeping us stuck.  

All we know is that every time we fail to make headway, it knocks our confidence just that little bit more which ultimately leaves us feeling more stressed and even more stuck.

Sometimes we’re stuck because we’re not totally clear of where we’re heading and that confusion feels so overwhelming that we just run around in circles wearing ourselves out without getting any where near what we thought we wanted.  

We feel paralysed by indecision and that causes us to procrastinate as our self-doubt goes into overdrive and our goals feel as though they’re getting further and further away.

Or maybe you’re the other side of the coin and you’ve reached some of your goals but you’re running yourself into the ground.  Reaching this goal, the way that you’ve done it, has made you to feel so stressed and overwhelmed you feel like you’re stuck on a never-ending treadmill of work work and more work but you just can’t seem to get any higher.

You say that you’re working for your family but you never get to see them so you’re filled with guilt and regret.  Your perfectionism and need for control means that you’re never truly happy with what you do.

You’re stuck because you can’t work any harder but you’ve reached a plateau and you don’t know how to take the next step without burning yourself out to a crisp.

I totally hear you because I’ve been where you are.

JMB White

Hi, I’m Janet Mohapi-Banks and before becoming a Stress Free Goal Achievement Specialist I was planning my funeral.

I was an Internationally recognised, award winning, high achiever and I was really flying high.  

Reaching goals had never been a problem for me – in fact I’ve always found it easy.   I was at the top of my career and exactly where I wanted to be, but for me, having everything I wanted came with a very heavy price tag.  Living with high stress caused me to develop a rare digestive disorder that was slowly starving me to death.

I was bedridden for 5 years and that gave me time to think about all the amazing things that I had accomplished. Although I was very proud of my achievements, the reality was that I probably wouldn’t be here for my children’s next birthday.  I realised that I had made a choice between achieving my goals and being alive to enjoy them, and that didn’t seem fair to me. I knew that there should be a way for people to achieve their goals and live a life of passion, fulfilment and purpose without the stress that usually goes with it.

So because I’m so good at setting and achieving goals, I made staying alive my new goal. After exhausting all that medical science had to offer, I searched for alternative solutions for my condition. 5 years after first getting sick, I finally found the answers I was looking for in the form of a chiropractor.

Nobody should have to make the choice between their goals and their life. Reaching your goals without stress or self-doubt enables you to live a wonderful life of passion filled purpose.  It’s my mission and my passion to make stress free goal achievement the only way you achieve your goals.

My life is completely different now, I am well, healthy, relaxed and happy and it’s my life’s work to help others to have Stress Free Goal Achievement because success doesn’t have to come with such a heavy price tag.

So maybe you’re wondering what changed.  How did I go from stressed out Type A to a laid back entrepreneur, that still gets everything she wants?  

Well 5 years is a long time to be lying in bed assessing the point of it all and the best and happiest way to live your life.  

I’m so grateful to be able to introduce to you my flagship 4 week program From Stuck to Unstoppable that I developed through the experiences I’ve had and the expert trainings that I have sought.  

This is for you if you want to reach all of your goals without stress, self-doubt and overwhelm.  

This is also for you if you want to continually upgrade and up-level your life whilst living in complete alignment with who you really are.

And if you want to make more money, have a better relationship, get fitter or just work less hours, this is for you too.  The same process that works for one, works for the others so the skills and the processes you learn on this program are completely transferable to all of the  goals that you’re going to have.

On the From Stuck to Unstoppable program you will:

You’ll identify where you are, where you want to be and what’s keeping you stuck. Being really clear on the goal that you’re working towards is incredibly important.  So many people don’t have the clarity or image of what they want firmly in their mind and that means that they end up wandering around a little aimlessly. But maybe you don’t have a really clear picture of what achieving that looks like right now. Maybe all you only know is what you don’t want.  So that’s where you start. You identify all the things that you don’t want in your life right now and the opposite AND MORE of that will give you some clues as to what it is that you DO really want.

You’ll identify the things, both practical and mental, that prevent you from taking the action that you need to take.  As you work towards achieving your goals you’ll come across these roadblocks and obstacles that might stop you in your tracks but by doing this program you’ll get step-by-step strategies to overcome your roadblocks so you can always move forwards. Every time we move past one of these invisible barriers, we grow not only in our confidence but also in our self-belief and our self-esteem which means that when it comes to achieving the next goal we have, we feel much more able to do it, and we approach it with less anxiety and stress.

To live and work in true alignment of who you really are starts with self-love. If we see ourselves as unlovable or incapable, we’ll self-sabotage our happiness and success as a way of making sure that we don’t run the risk of rejection, or failure, or being hurt in any way.  It’s what makes over 70% of successful people suffer from Imposter Syndrome as their self-doubt causes no end of stress and anxiety. By putting yourself at the centre of your focus you’ll be able to visualise a happy, healthy, completely loved up version of yourself having a hugely successful life, whatever that means to you, and you’ll be able to step into that confident, self assured person that feels empowered to do anything you set your mind to. A goal can’t be achieved unless you believe in your hear that it can be, so by developing self-trust and becoming the version of you who can achieve, and you’ll be able to look in the mirror and see a thriver rather than a survivor.  A warrior instead of a worrier and because your brain always does it’s best to make your thoughts a reality, that’s what you’ll become.

You’ll know in your heart that you can have everything you want, just because you’re You and you’ll know that you deserve it. You will know that your birth is proof of your worth. So regardless of what’s happened to you in your past, your past does not define you and doesn’t dictate your future.  The abundance and the magic of the Universe is always available to you so by adopting an attitude that you always get what you want and by not letting anything stand in the way of that, you’ll easily take the actions you need to and your success is all but assured.

Image always knowing your best next steps and exactly how to make them happen so you live with confidence and the security of having an easily actionable personal plan to your dreams.

But that’s not all.  I’m also offering you these amazing bonuses for January so you really get your year off to a fantastic start.

? BONUS #1 – Throughout January I’m going to be running this program LIVE so you get to meet with me LIVE every week day over Zoom.  Don’t worry it’ll only be a 15 minutes a day commitment – long enough to give you everything you need and short enough for you easily fit it into your schedule without overwhelming you.

? BONUS #2 – Because I’m running this LIVE you’ll have the opportunity for a Q&A at the end of every call just like my private 1:1 clients get to.  You’ll have the opportunity to get every question you have answered so you never feel stuck and can move on with confidence.

? BONUS #3 – Don’t worry if you can’t make a particular day of the Live event, as Bonus Number 3 you’ll have lifetime access to all of the digital recordings to refer back to at any time.

? BONUS #4 – You’ll get an incredible workbook so you can do the deep dive into your subconscious.  Every day you’ll be given exercises and journaling prompts so you really get to know exactly what makes you, You, and what you can do to move forwards with ease.

? And EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS #5 – Towards the end of the program you’ll also get a private 1:1 session with me to make sure that all your gaps are filled and you know exactly what your personal blueprint for success in 2019 is.

The value of the bonuses alone are worth well over $3,000 but I’m making this whole program available to you for only $497

So if you know that this is the program for you click the Buy Now button where you can enrol and pay via PayPal or click the Connect With Janet button to get on my schedule for a quick chat so we can properly assess that we’re a good fit for working together.

I am so looking forward to helping you to achieve all of your goals without stress because once you know the process, you can apply it to everything you want to do.

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