Be Your Superhero Self

You’re strong, confident and clever but you’ve woken up and realized that your life is too small

You want More

More FUN!

If you’re ready to drop compromising who you are to please and fit in with the world around you, this program is for you.

Develop your Intuition

By regularly connecting with your Higher Self you will learn to trust the intuitive nudges that keep you on the path of least resistence to your desires

Learn Powerful Meditation

Heart focused meditation emits the strongest electromagnetic waves into the Unified Field.  These produce the vibrations that are language of Universal Energy

Master Conscious Manifestation

We’re manifesting all the time with our thoughts, emotions and actions. Learning to manifest consciously means that You create the life you wish to live

Work With Your Energy

Everything is Energy. By becoming aware of your energy and working to keep it flowing without blockage results in a greater sense of well-being and easier manifestations.

This program will reconnect you with your Personal Power so you reach your fullest potential with ease

Janet Mohapi-Banks - Superhero Coach, Speaker, and International Best Selling Author

will be your guide as you awaken and expand your consciousness to allow you to be all that you can be.

You’ll open your mind to a new way of Being and you’ll KNOW with confidence that you are the creator of your world.

No longer living in a victim state where the world happens to you, Janet will guide you through a carefully designed process so you can be at one with the Universal Energy, the Superconscious and Unified Field to live a life of peaceful ease where your desires manifest with grace.

Marrying Mindset, Metaphysics and Energy Work, this is a powerful program of phenomenal growth that will affect all areas of your life.

12 x 1 hour Zoom calls over 6 weeks on Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm UK / 9am Pacific

Coaching and teaching in an intimate group setting

Additional Support between meetings in a dedicated Facebook Group

This is not for you if you’re

This is for you if you’re fully committed and determined to live the life that you were born for

10 Spaces Only

That restrictive feeling is your sign that you didn’t come into this to world to play small, so now is your chance to fully embrace the power you have within you as the creator of your dreams.

It can be scary to invest in yourself and leap into the unknown but until you do the frustration and discontentment you feel will keep growing because it’s nature’s way of letting you know that you need to play a bigger game.

A year from now do you still want to feel trapped in an average life that you’ve outgrown? 

You need to make the decision now to do what it takes to make your life great.

If you’re totally honest with yourself, you know that you want the “Goddam Moon”, and you can have it, so don’t let anything stand in your way.

This is the program of Being and Having More

You leave with: