Conscious Leadership Development

Conscious Leadership Development

Leadership demands have changed.

And if you want to stay competitive and attract the top talent, then the way that you and your leadership teams lead needs to change too. 

Top down hierarchical leadership structures are no longer serving the needs of the people and people are no longer willing to blindly follow a leader who tells them what to do from on high with no regard to their personal wellbeing or professional growth. 

They want more, they deserve more, and if they’re not getting the more that they need from your company they are walking to one that will provide it. 

At Janet Mohapi-Banks Conscious Consulting our leadership development concentrates on the skills, mindset, and way of Being that leaders need in the new post-pandemic world of business. 

Through a bespoke program created specifically for the needs of your company, your executives, and your leadership teams we help you to consciously lead from behind with a focus on the areas of:

Visioning, Mission, and Values

to expand what you believe is possible and important

Conscious Objectives and Decision-Making

so everyone is working with the same goals in mind and decisions have win-win-win outcomes

Conscious Responsibility

to own all of your experiences without blame or shame of others

Consciously Creating Safety

so change is easier to implement and nobody fears the possible implications of innovation

Conscious Relationships

that develop trust amongst all stakeholders and with yourself

Conscious Communication

so there’s no ambiguity and mutual respect

Conscious Courage

consciously leading from behind means going first with everything from showing vulnerability to making difficult decisions with the collective in mind

Developing Empathy

to connect on a heart level with your teams and see them as the amazing people they are

Developing Emotional Intelligence 

to understand what you feel and to allow emotions to flow without judgement so you lead from a place of understanding 

Leadership in the new world of business requires you to be authentic, whole, and healed

For some, this means throwing out the old playbooks as they develop a people-first company culture and relearn who they really are in order to lead with integrity, honesty, respect, resilience, compassion, and kindness for all people. 

As a result of going through a Janet Mohapi-Banks Conscious Consulting Leadership Development program, all levels of leaders will be able to lead their teams with confidence and honour, and encourage innovation whilst tying personal and professional growth to the strategic plans, values, and mission of the company to enable company growth.