Changing Your Relationship With Money

Over the course of the last year or so I have completely changed my relationship with money.

I always loved money and I knew that money was always there to support me and that it always showed up when it was needed.

But I also had a lack of respect for money.

I would take money for granted, I would use and abuse it and I often blamed it for my state of being.

I felt happier when money was around and sadder and less secure when it wasn’t – and I blamed money for that.  Even though it was my decisions that had created that situation.

Not that long ago in the grand scheme of things, I was up to the limit on all my credit cards and my overdraft facility.  This had always been fine for me but it suddenly felt rubbish to be there.

I felt annoyed at paying ridiculous amounts out in interest fees and I decided that I was no longer available to be in debt and that I had to change my behaviour with money.

And so I did.

As I was changing my own relationship with money I created a course called Overcoming Financial Stress, that helped the clients on it get results like paying off their mortgage and 8x their income within the 6 weeks of the course.  I’ve only run this course Live once but it’s been available to my Private clients who would benefit from it.

You see, it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank.  If you’ve got a shitty relationship with money you’re going to have a stressful experience with it.

My relationship with money is now completely different.

I realised very recently that during the last year, the minimum I feel comfortable with having in the bank has gone from mid-five-figures in debt to five-figures in credit.

And that’s kind of huge.

It means that I’m making very different choices than I have before.  I would rather see the numbers on the screen than (for instance) spending $100 on a bottle of champagne.  Champagne is still my favourite and my best and I still buy it when I want to, but if it’s a choice of falling below my minimum balance and buying the fizz, I choose something else or nothing at all instead.

I know that money is here to support me and I am here to support the circulation of money but now every purchase is intentional and thoughtful and made with love, instead of spending through boredom and I’m no longer throwing money at situations in the hope that doing so will make me feel somehow “better”.

I love money and money loves me and knowing that it has never let me down is what brings more and more of it to me.

Feeling wealthy, before the wealth is what took me from high debt and into savings, and even though I’m still far from the levels of wealth that I desire I know that feeling that level of wealth before I get there is what will get me there faster.

What kind of a relationship do you have with money?

Is it a relationship that lights you up completely or do you know that you could be a much better partner?