Stepping Into The Vision

You were born knowing exactly how to get what you want with ease but you were trained out of having that knowledge.

You were told what was appropriate behaviour and what wasn’t.

You were told that nothing came without hard work.

You learned that you had to prove that you deserved it before you got it.

And little by little you forgot that getting what you want is a natural process of aligning your thoughts, emotions and energy with what you consciously desire.

Your subconscious mind learned to base your self-worth upon the opinions and approval of others.

So you work your socks off, you earn good money, you’ve got a good home, good life and success,

but it doesn’t feel enough

because little by little you forgot that you were born worthy, born deserving and meant to have everything you desired.

Your subconscious mind learned that it was safer for you to be quiet, to be small and to expect nothing great of yourself at all.

So as you approach a big milestone, a yardstick with which to measure your success

Suddenly it feels too high

Much higher than you

Much higher than you feel worthy of

Much higher than you feel you really deserve

So you allow the fear and doubt of your conditioned mind to push you back down to where you feel safe.

Beneath the glass your mind feels quieter but it strangles your soul which longs to soar

to the heights of success, fulfillment, happiness and wealth you’ve never been to before.

So now you have a choice.

Do you listen to that fear-filled voice or do you choose to step into the vision?